Training Course on CNC Part Programing

Phone: 011 2650301/ 2650340/ 264 0460 (Ext. 4535 or 4500, 4534, 4559)
Fax: 011 2650622 E-mail:
Course Code: DM-INPT03-L1
Intake: 21
Target Group : Engineers, Mould Designers, Product Developers, Technical Officers, CNC Machine Operators, Lecturers, Instructors, Technical College Leavers
Entry requirement : Basic knowledge of Parametric Solid Modelling and Engineering / Technical Drawing.
Duration : 10 Weeks (Part-time)
Lectures - Weekends (Sunday)
Hands-on - Weekends (Sunday)
Schedule : Lectures, Assignments, Hands on sessions on CNC machines & a Project.
Group Size : 10-15 Participants
Course Fee : Rs. 52,000/=
Commence on :

Sunday, the 08th October 2023

Apply before :

Wednesday, the 27th September 2023

Course Content (Key topics)
Introduction to NC and CNC.
Fundamentals of Manual & Computer Assisted Part Programming.
Fundamentals of Computer Aided Part Program-ming using software packages.
Review of Wireframe, Surface & Solid Modelling Tools and Techniques.
Review of Surface and Solid Modelling using Pro/Engineer and SolidWorks.
Computer-Aided Part Programming (Modelling, Post-processing and generation of G-Codes for CNC Milling and Lathe).
Selection of cutting tool parameters.
Setting up of CNC machines (Milling and Lathe) and their operations.
Basic operations on CNC machines.
Application forms can be obtained from the DMFDC or sending a stamped, self-addressed envelope (9”x4”) to the Director. Forward your applications to the Director on or before the closing date for Applications.

Atpplication Form

K.H. Janaka Mangala,
Die & Mould Facilitation and Development Centre,
Department of Mechanical Engineering,
University of Moratuwa,
Moratuwa 10400.

The Die & Mould Facilitation and Development Centre (DMFDC) established in collaboration with the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Mould & Die Makers Association - Sri Lanka and The University of Moratuwa with the main objective of uplifting the standards of the Sri Lankan Mould and Die Making Industry thereby supporting the entire manufacturing sector in Sri Lanka for a sustainable development in the country.

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