The industry will have direct access to the facilities and services without any delay that would otherwise exist in a normal laboratory. The members of the Mould & Die Makers Association will have a priority as they would share the resources available in their places to support the activities of the centre. One of the main objectives is to provide essential services to the die and mould making sector which would otherwise be available in foreign countries at extremely high cost.

Key Services of the Centre are given below;

  • Training programmes for design of Dies, Moulds, Press Tools, etc.
  • Training programmes for Innovative Product Design.
  • Training programmes for CNC Part Programming and Machining.
  • Training programmes on CAD/CAM/CAE related applications.
  • Design and development of products for the local and international market.
  • Design of Dies and Moulds for the local and international market.
  • Design analysis of products, Dies and Moulds for local and international market.
  • Machining of complicated mould components.
  • Analysis of Die and Mould related issues.
  • Testing of Dies and Moulds.
  • Acceptance test reports.
  • Measurement of complex shapes and surfaces.
  • Training of undergraduates from engineering faculties of local universities.
  • Training of diploma level students.
  • Consultancy services.
  • Much needed but almost neglected research and development activities to uplift the standards of the local die and mould making sector.